Free Rabies Clinic Ontario County Public Works 8/7 from 9-12 Click the Link below for more info!



Free Rabies Clinic 8/7 Ontario County Public Works 9-12

Free Rabies Clinc at Ontario County Public Works 8/7 from 9-12

Visit the website below for more details

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Bloomfield CSD Capital Project News

Please check out the following link from the School Superintendent


Recreation Master Plan Survey

A recreation master plan committee has been formed with representatives from the School, Town,  Village, various civic groups, senior citizens and community members at large. They will be tasked with updating the current master plan to meet the future needs and goals of our community.  To do that, we need your input.  As residents of East Bloomfield please take time to answer the short survey about recreation to help us to develop a meaningful recreation plan.  The link for the survey is:  Hard copies will be available at the Village Office, Town Hall, and Bloomfield Library.  The survey will be closed on July 12. Thank you for your participation.

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Memorial Day Letter

Please take a moment to review this Memorial Day information for the Bloomfield Community.

Memorial Day Video 2021

Please watch this video made for this year's Memorial Day celebrations

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Watch this important video on how to get rid of the virus

Watch this important video on how to get rid of the virus

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Don't Flush Wipes! They will plug up the Sewer System

During this time of the COVID-19 epidemic and the possible shortaage of toilet paper products. Please do not flush any kind of baby wipes or other products down the toilet. They will back up our sewer system in the Village- Thank you!